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Evoke Possibility
Oct 21, 2020
Hello everyone! I am Stephanie, my partner Niko and I just had a beautiful baby daughter in April and with the current state of the world we have felt the push to provide her a different life than what is currently possible in the states. We currently live in Western Colorado in a tiny home. I am a mother to three daughters. I have an eight year old, Aakira; a five year old, Violet; and a six month old Quil! I want to rewild and raise my daughters in a community setting that teaches them how to interact and grow with nature. I am thirty two years old. I have lived in Western Colorado for the majority of my life. I seek to reconnect with nature and also experience la medicina. I have many interests that I feel would grow in a community setting. My main love is cooking. I love cooking and creating and sharing food. I full heartedly believe that food is a pathway to true healing and the soul. I have also dreamt of helping others w herbal remedies. I have interests in learning a fuller understanding of growing and maintaining herb and vegetable gardens. My main "real world" skills come in the form of a Bachelor's of Business Administration. I feel that some of these skill sets could cross over to establishing community structure communicatively aligning intentions. Personality-wise, I love connecting with others and having deep conversations. Being within the matrix here, doesn't serve my soul at all. I think there could be many beautiful, trusting, and powerful relationships that stem and grow from the expansion at Florestral. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to connect further. As I said in the zoom meeting, I'd love to get to know more of the group on an interpersonal level. Steph Litsheim on Facebook @evokepossibility on Instagram 9708446190, on WhatsApp
Evoke Possibility
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