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Adam Balcerzak
Feb 07, 2021
In Projects in Florestral
Hello Dears, Today I want to share with you an idea of a place that I would love to have in a forest once eventually I move there one day. I hope you don't mind me creating a separate topic on the forum for this. The initiative is about a Finnish/dry sauna and the inspiration I get is from an aquapark here in Wroclaw. It is one of my favourite places around which I used to visit twice a week, unfortunately temporarily closed due to everyone's knows what. That sucks because my skin and body already miss it a lot! I am going to post below pictures from this place to help you visualize what I have on my mind. I believe that a concept of dry sauna should be familiar to the most of you. Especially because at Florestral there is a sweat lodge which I believe works in a simiar way. Nevertheless, let me introduce this quickly. You enter a closed wooden chamber warmed up to >80°C, that's due to stones heating in a stove by burning wood. Usually you stay around 15 minutes until you feel your body had enough and then you head for a cold shower afterwards. After resting a bit, you may go for another around. The structure should made of thick wood to keep the warmth inside. Preferably should be located by a water tank (river?) to ease the process of cooling down. Here, there are three external saunas and the one I enjoy the most is one where the stove has a glass chamber where you put the wood to burn. Benches are located symetrically around it so everyone inside can watch the fire burning. Around 20 people fit there very comfortably, by that I mean like everyone laying down. Though I also remember days when it was so crowded that each was just by the other, making a total number of like 50 or more people inside at once. I have done some quick research and unfortunately the teak wood that there is plenty around is not ideal for a such construction as it would overheat exposed to high temperatures. We would need to think of something else. I hope you like the idea, let me know what you think in the comments. :) At the end, yet some more photos from the other rooms. Aho! Adam
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Adam Balcerzak

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