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Adam Balcerzak
Nov 08, 2020
Dear fellow "expansionists", My name is Adam. I am 30 years old, single, living in Wroclaw, Poland. Since I was little I dreamt about a wooden house in a jungle and I am thrilled that this dream may ultimately come true sooner or later. I don't want to live in a city anymore because I no longer consider such environment a healthy option. A concrete jungle with omnipresent noise of vehicles, air pollution and dust are not so pleasant surroundings to be around. Also the growing surveillance and impudence of goverments to make us more dependent from themselves, limiting our privacy and rights, each year wanting to take more from what's ours, don't seem like the right way. But there is a light in that tunnel and it comes with an alternative that has gathered us here. My story with Florestral started in January 2018, when after travelling around Costa Rica, I arrived to the final point of my journey which She has been. I read about the medicine few years back and was very curious about it. I came upon Florestral online, sent a request for a retreat and was accepted. I will never forget my first ceremony as it has been so far the most powerful one and a turning point in my life. As for many of us, it started with a puke, but a very pleasant one if not to say even enjoyable. On that full moon night I was able to connect myself with the spirits of the forests, I felt like I was no longer just a single being but integral part of greater creation. I stared at colours and fractals appearing over the sacred fire and candles which led a path towards the temple. I felt united with every creature on the Earth and beyond, connected to the celestial universe. Even simple walking bare foot on the ground felt like a burst of joy. This feeling of connection, gave me confidence to follow my inner voice and instincts wherever they lead me. And it seems that now they are calling me back to the forest. I hope that one day I will finally wake up on my premises by the howling of monkeys and a sunshine of the tropical sun warming the face. I will gather and eat fruits and vegetables that we are goint to plant, drink clear water from the creeks, collect energy from the sun and eggs from hens. Live self-sustainably as much as possible. Take care of chacrunitas, play with the community and animals, explore and discover variety of fauna and flora over the land. Drink the medicine and visit the other realm. What I enjoy in general: - swimming, therefore I love the fact that there are so many brooks on this land and that the sea is not so far. I find it particulary relaxing to be under the water surface. - learning languages, so studying Spanish will be a great adventure. - taking care of plants, I can't wait to have a tropical garden. - travelling, let's explore the land and the country! - photography, to capture moments of beauty - mycology, I have a know-how about growing magic mushrooms from a spore to fruits - reading books, but unfortunately the more I work the less time I find for it these days, but ultimately this no longer shall be the problem. My profession is IT security, so it is not really a thing that would help much with what we are planning here. Nevertheless I have always been good in maths and physics, so in case if we ever do any local schoolteaching, I could support with these. I think it may be relevant to mention our horizons. As despite heading towards same direction and sharing similar visions, we are all at different stages of our lives. Myself I believe I should be able to collect enough to afford a lot around Q2/Q3 2021. If the communal intent and capabilities are to start the phase 1 earlier than that, then I might not be able to participate earlier than at the 2nd phase. Also I will not be able to relocate straight away. I would need another 2-3 years to gather more funds for construction and living. But of course I plan to visit each year at least once, hopefully more. That's it from me for now. It took me a while to come up with it, sorry for my tardiness. I encourage everyone else who is stilling struggling to write something to not think twice and say hi :) All the best, Adam Balcerzak (whatsapp: +48 73three 50four 42seven)

Adam Balcerzak

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