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Kamila P
Oct 26, 2020
Hello, I'm Kamila Originally from Poland but have been living in Toronto, Canada for over 25 years. I'm 38, single, no children. I have been drinking the medicine since 2015, my first time ever was at Florestral. Life has been pretty good in Canada financially fairly stable, however as much as this has satisfied one aspect of my life, living here lacks in so many others. The cost of living here is very high and  pressure to always be working to get ahead, this leaves no time to connect with a community and develop deep meaningful relations. The winters are long and harsh here and spending time out in nature is minimal. Finally, the current state of this world has got me evaluation everything and brought me to the decision to make a slow and permanent  transition to Costa Rica. I dream of a simple, balanced more enjoyable quality of life in my near future. I have a small Pet Grooming business that I plan to sell when the time comes, in the mean time in the next 3/4 years I will be preparing myself as best as possible financially, emotionally and psychologically for the transition. Off course I plan to be at Florestral as much as possible in the upcoming years and help out any way I can. I love to work in the garden, getting my hands dirty in the soil brings me much joy. My first profession was in the culinary arts so I love to be in the kitchen creating healthy dishes. I have also been a student of Kundalini Yoga for a some years now and I hope to be doing my teachers training in the up coming years as well. I dream of one day leading our community in a morning practice and meditation. Namaste ✌ Facebook : Kamila Pietraszek Whatsapp: 1-416-807-5179

Kamila P

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